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PhosAgro is one of the world's leading companies responsible for global food security. We offer high-quality, environmentally friendly fertilizers, as well as services for their delivery and assistance in using them in the most effective way.

Caring for Earth fertility for prosperous lives

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Aspects of sustainable development

We follow a carefully designed strategy in the field of sustainability, social investment and corporate governance:

  • The environment

    Environmental protection is one of the Company's top priorities throughout the entire product life cycle.

    The priority areas of our environmental strategy include reduction of the Company’s negative impact on the environment, preservation of natural ecological systems and constant development of environmental management

  • Social responsibility

    We take care of our employees and implement significant educational, medical, youth-related and professional sports

  • Corporate governance

    We are building an effective and transparent governance structure based on equality of shareholders, responsibility and accountability of each governance body, leadership and independence of the Board of Directors, and a corporate culture that does not tolerate any form of corruption or discrimination

PhosAgro ESG data (xls, 217 Kb)

Commitment to UN goals

In 2015, the United Nations approved 17 Sustainable Development Goals – these are our highest priority. We strive to contribute as much as possible to achieving those goals that are related to our field of activity by including them in PhosAgro's development strategy.

Social projects

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